Adata Premier 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz Desktop RAM

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Key Features

  • Model: Premier 16GB
  • Capacity: 16GB
  • Type- DDR4, Speed: 3200MHz
  • Form Factor: U-DIMM
  • CAS Latencies: 22, Operating voltage: 1.2V


Key Features
Type DDR4
Capacity 16GB
Frequency 3200MHz
Operating voltage 1.2V
Latency 22
Others Form Factor: U-DIMM
Warranty Information
Warranty Life Time Warranty


Adata Premier 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz Desktop RAM

The Adata Premier 16GB DDR4 3200MHz Desktop RAM stands out as a long-lasting, high-performance memory module intended to boost the overall efficiency of your desktop system. With a large capacity of 16GB, this DDR4 RAM delivers enough memory resources for seamless multitasking, allowing programs and workloads to function smoothly even under stressful computing conditions. This RAM module has remarkable data transfer rates at a high 3200MHz speed, which contributes to faster application loading times and better system responsiveness. Its adaptability is enhanced by the U-DIMM form factor, which allows it to work with a broad range of desktop PCs. The Adata Premier RAM provides the necessary performance boost for a more fluid computing experience, whether you’re generating content, completing productivity tasks, or playing light games. The 22 CAS latencies and 1.2V operating voltage show a smart balance of performance and energy efficiency. This not only improves system stability, but it also helps to reduce power consumption, making it an eco-friendly solution for people worried about their energy footprint. In terms of capacity, speed, and compatibility, the Adata Premier 16GB DDR4 3200MHz Desktop RAM stands out. Whether you’re upgrading an existing system or building a new one, this RAM module is a trustworthy and efficient alternative that provides the resources required for a better desktop computing experience.


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