Logitech MK200 Wired Mouse & Keyboard Combo

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Key Features

  • MPN: 920-003550
  • Model: MK200
  • Interface:Plug & Play USB
  • Adjustable keyboard Height
  • Spill-resistant Design
  • Resolution: 1000 dpi


Switch Lifecycle 5 million
Others Spill-resistant design 1Tested under limited conditions (maximum of 60 ml liquid spillage). Do not immerse the keyboard in liquid.
Adjustable keyboard height
10-Key Number pad
Caps lock indicator light
Num lock indicator light
Key type: Deep profile
Dimension(LxWxH) Height: 155 mm
Width: 450 mm
Depth: 23.5 mm
Depth: 150 cm
Weight Weight: 550 g
Number of Buttons Number of buttons: 3 (Left/Right-click, Middle-click)
Sensor Optical tracking
Dimension(LxWxH) Height: 113 mm
Width: 62 mm
Depth: 38 mm
Depth: 180 cm
Weight Weight: 90 g
Warranty 3 Years


Logitech MK200 Wired Mouse & Keyboard Combo

The Logitech MK200 Wired Mouse & Keyboard Combo will boost your productivity by providing consistent performance. The full-sized keyboard has Instant Keys, which allow you to change the volume of your PC, visit commonly used websites, and even play or stop your favorite tunes. All of this is possible with a single press of specific keys. It can also successfully withstand spills due to its strong technology. It has also been built in such a manner that it may drain the spilled liquid rather than absorb it. This protects the hardware from being damaged. Furthermore, its user-friendly keyboard features a modern and elegant design that makes it visually appealing.

Durable Keyboard

This keyboard will last a long time because it is quite durable. It has been tested to withstand around 5 million keystrokes, and consequently, it is long-lasting. Furthermore, because of its plug-and-play mode, you may connect it to any compatible laptop or PC without installing or using any software. The low-profile keys are arranged in a typical configuration, so they make little noise. As a consequence, you may type and operate without interruption. The tilt of the keyboard may also be modified and adjusted to your liking. The keys also display directions, alphabets, and numbers in large letters, making them easier to discover and understand.

High-definition Optical Tracking Mouse

This combo’s high-definition optical mouse can also give powerful and superb performance. Because the cursor is incredibly responsive, you can easily manipulate it. It can even follow a straight path. It also provides effective optical tracking due to its 1000 dpi resolution. It may also fit easily and comfortably under your left and right hand due to its ambidextrous design. Furthermore, because the precise control level is high, you may move the pointer smoothly. As a consequence, you may utilize it to do your tasks more efficiently. The Logitech MK200 Wired Mouse & Keyboard Combo comes with a 01-year warranty.


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